Socks & Boots

When one is going off on an intrepid adventure one needs socks and boots (unless you’re swimming). The last pair of boots I purchased for an adventure was a pair of £15.00 US army jungle boots. The deal was done behind 40 tonnes of broccoli bound for Dudley and they served me well for four months in the Amazon. However, they are now rather knackered and new boots were needed.

This time I opted for British army desert boots procured via eBay for the reasonable sum of £30.00. Desert boots tend to be a bit softer than jungle boots and a bit more comfortable, hence the choice. The only drawback being that they look a bit, well, erm, pansyish. The King’s Royal Hussars may beg to differ but lets face it, a light-sand boot looks a bit girly with a pair of jeans.

With plans afoot (sorry), I set about dyeing my boots a more manly ‘rugged brown’ and I believe they’ve come up very well all things considered. For £30.00 and a few extra for the dye from Timpson’s I’m now all set to commence my adventure. It’s unfortunate that Liz opted to spend £160.00 on a pair of lovely spanking new boots but I have the moral and economic high ground – recycling and saving the pennies.

And the socks…….. I have never before bought socks for a car but I have now. I don’t mean for ‘in the car’, I mean quite literally ‘for the car’. You see, on occasion John (the dog) may need to sleep in the car at night if we’re not using the tent. In the deserts there are sometimes too many scorpions around to sleep on the ground so we wanted to tuck our doggy up safe and sound in the back of the Niva. However, in those hot sticky nights the windows will need to be open so that he gets a good amount of ventilation. We don’t want him cooking after all, but if we leave the windows open he’ll be out like a shot and tucking up on our camp beds. This is where ‘vehicle socks’ come in. They’re mosquito netting-like socks that fit over the door frames so that the windows can be wound down but keep me-laddo entombed safely.

Vehicle Socks don’t make a sock specifically for the Niva (because no one has them in the UK since about 1989) but after a good chat with the lovely Natalie who in turn chatted to her supplier in South Africa, we came up with a pair intended for an Isuzu Frontier and by gum they work a treat. John will now be able to snore all night long unmolested by both scorpion and mosquito alike and we can sleep soundly without him farting at our feet (which he is prone to do a lot).