The Maya End of the World Rally

Maya rally blackIf the UK economy is anything to go by, the end of the world could well be just around the corner, just as the Maya predicted. Apparently, according to some interpretations of the stela and scriptures that litter the abandoned pre-colonial cities of Central America, on the 21st December 2012 we are to be destroyed by a cataclysm which will herald a new era for the world. Unfortunately we all die in the process.

So, with this in mind it makes sense to abandon our society values and expectations and say in a very loud voice “Sod it, I’m going out with a bang.” From what I understand, when people are presented with the prospect of certain death, in general the men think of fornicating in the streets with numerous and all too willing babes, while the women think of crying into a family-size tub of chocolate ice cream. It strikes me that a man with an ice cream van prior an apocalypse would have it made, in the short term at least.

I don’t have an ice cream van and Liz might have a thing or two to say about it if I go in search of babes, so we have instead entered The Maya End of the World Rally

To encourage a competitive spirit and the not-too-serious side of the rally the organisers have asked all teams to write a short biography. We have obliged:

The team members:
Driver – Chris Smith
Navigator – Liz Peel
Security – Johnny V.

We are the people behind Finding Manchester, expeditions to lost Amazonian villages and contributors to many adventure overland books, including the acclaimed ‘The World’s Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes’. We are also supported by the Ted Simon Foundation and honored to be Jupiter’s Travelers. Sounds good doesn’t it, and its all true!

It’s also true that we just bumble along and things either work or they don’t, the latter being the more common outcome. Don’t ask us about our failed attempt to get a tuk-tuk over the Andes or the failed canoe adventure to reach the Island of the Sun or dodging lava in the volcano fields of the Atacama Desert. (unless you’ve bought us a drink first).

We will be winning the 2012 Maya Rally (note the choice of words there!) in a 2009 Lada Niva 1.7i. We’re two Brits with a disabled Hungarian dog in a Russian 4×4. What more do you need to know than that eh!

For anyone interested in the Maya 2012 prediction read the following link (in blue). For anyone who wants to bury their head in the sand or is a disbeliever, don’t read it but if you see lots of women with tubs of chocolate ice cream don’t say I didn’t warn you! The end of the world may or may not be just around the corner (but probably not).

Cheezy Brits are coming


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