The Hungarian drug addict

Meet John – a Hungarian Vizsla who in his short life has to date popped nearly 4,800 pills. He simply can’t get enough of them, and he’s less than eighteen-months old. As though this weren’t enough, he has a real thirst for knives, razors and steel bars.

John at 15 weeksWhile he may sound like a 1980’s skinhead there’s actually quite a reasonable answer for all this. Unfortunately, at a young age his hocks didn’t form properly. Instead of them forming as bone the growth plates formed as soft tissue which couldn’t take the stresses of normal puppy life. Unsurprisingly it all ended in disaster when both legs failed. To cut a long and depressing story short, he’s had six operations and ten months of rehabilitation to put things right. At this moment in time he is sporting a rather unattractive and industrial looking metal frame on his right leg which prevents him from moving it and putting any strain on the damaged area while it heals. Fingers crossed, everything is going in the right direction and he’ll be fit to travel in three months time. His left leg now looks normal and is strong enough to take his weight until he can put pressure on his right leg again. The four steel pins and wire frame under the skin, along with the four-inch scar are the only clues to the history of his left leg.

So, John continues to pop pills, wear the dreaded ‘cone of shame’ around his neck to prevent him from pulling the scaffolding out of his leg as soon as our backs are turned. Touch wood this will all be behind us soon and the three of us will be on the roads of Mexico (and off-roads) soon enough.


One thought on “The Hungarian drug addict

  1. John looks a little worried, like the dog version of the prophetic bunny “Fiver” from Watership Down.

    It’s not a cone of shame, but of pride. Pride I tell you!

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