Team Niva GB is born

Having watched our careers and business activities crumble for long enough at the hands of necessary Government cuts and apathetic Public Sector naval gazers, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a fire called “tits-up”, Team Niva GB is born.

Cheezy Brits are comingWith our Hungarian drug addict – John, we’ll be shipping a Russian Lada Niva to Mexico via the USA and entering the Maya ‘End of the World’ Rally. The rally is a good few months off yet and there’s a lot of work to be done before we cross the start line of that particular adventure, but that’s our medium-term goal at the moment – Dispose of everything that we don’t need to live on the road, pack everything else up, say a few goodbyes and bugger off. Life, for a great many reasons has been far tougher than it should have been for far longer than it should have been, so our response is the birth of Team Niva GB.


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